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LIVE: A Festival of Firsts @ The Brick Elephant, 10/03/0

Drops of Water (2009)
(an electronically created musical composition)

"The lone drop of water joins to become larger and gathers friends.
It's a relationship with Buddha which the small
things can join together and can become more powerful." - Malaysian Haiku

The pitches, rhythms and textures of five carefully recorded samples of the sound of dripping water are the source for everything in this composition.  The individual ingredients (or themes – if you like – are presented one by one in their original state during the opening few minutes of the composition.  What follows is, quite literally, a series of variations on these opening five fragments which are greatly expanded and altered through digital manipulation.

"Next up was a reprise of Karl Korte’s “Drops of Water,” which premiered earlier in the day. It was a delightful, sometimes humorous 13-minute work in which, in a jaw-dropping amount of work, five audio samples of water were digitally processed to sound, at various times, like wood blocks, a harp, a guitar, a child’s rattle, steel drums and some science-fiction sound effects, interspersed with the original sounds of water. Nippertown*

(*Nippertown is an online magazine based in the greater Capital Region and Hudson Valley regions of New York and western Massachusetts, writing about local art, music, theater, film and anything else that interests us. We’ve been publishing since May, 2009.)


(released October, 2010) 

Juilliard Journal (11/2/10)

The Guitar Music of Karl Korte
Centaur CRC 3059 (2010)
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Older CD Releases

CRI cover copy.pct

KARL KORTE - A Retrospective

Fantasy, violin & piano;
Marc Peskanov, violin;. Doris Stevenson, piano.

Matrix,ww quintet with piano, percussion & saxophone; NY WW Quintet  with
Ray DesRoches, percussion; Elizabeth Korte, piano; Albert Hamme, Saxophone
Five New Zealand Songs, Christine Schadaberg, soprano; Christopher Oldfather, piano
Symmetrics, Albert Regni, saxophone; U T Percussion Ensemble, George Frock, conductor
Epigramsfor Solo Piano, Doris Stevenson, piano
    Book I:
Icicles(3:20),Vashti(3:40),Lullaby for Lea(3:14),Figgity Funk
    Book II:Tomorrow(2:50), (3:40),In Memorium(3:14)
Composers Recordings Inc.: No longer in business. Contact:
CRI CD882 still available on line. Contact:
New World Records@http://

EXTENSIONS -A Retrospective of Electro-Acoustic Compositions by Karl Korte
CRC 2363
Centaur Cover FINAL .pct

Homage - Bud Powell,piano & tape, Jeff Helmer, piano (1994)
Birds of Aotearoa,tape alone (1986)
Demiola,bassoon & tape, Kristin Wolfe Jonson, bassoon (1984)
Meeting the Enemy,tape alone (1995)
Extensions,solo percussion & tape, Paul Bissell, percussion
Centaur Records, Inc: CRC 2363

Music From The University of Texas Electronic Music Studios
CRC 2245
Centaur UT final .pct
Colloquy:solo flutes and tape, Karl Kraber, flute
(also music by Howard Fredrics, Jody Nagel, Russell Pinkston, Mark Schultz and Mark Wingate)
Centaur Records, Inc: CRC 2245
(504 336-9678)

Symphony #3
Pasted Graphic 3
Louisville Recordings LCD 001

Louisville Orchestra, Lawrence Leighton Smith, conductor
(also music by Sidney Hodkinson & Willford Josephs)
First Edition Recordings: LCD 001

(502) 587-8681

Lullay, litel child
ERAD 107
Vancouver 1. pct
Sweet was the Song, Vancouver Chamber Choir, John washnurn, conductor
(also Christmas songs by other composers)
Marquis Records: ERAD 107 - Toronto, Canada M5J 2L7

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