critical commentary

New Music Connoisseur
Vol.7, No.2- Summer 1999
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 Additional Critical Commentary:
 "The sounds on the tape often make use of samples from the solo instrument -- sometimes they are recognizable, sometimes they are manipulated beyond recognition. This tends to make the wedding of the tape part to the live instrument more effective than is often the case with pieces for instrument and tape."
-SONNECK SOCIETY for American Music (Bulletin, Volume XXV, no.2) 

Birds of Aotearoa, (Centaur-CD2363):
"Korte's electronic work, skillfully moved from natural sound to electronic imitations and mutations,.....convincingly constructed."  -HOUSTON CHRONICLE
"...based upon bird calls from New Zealand, electronically manipulated, and it transports the listener to the rain forests from the very first sounds. It provides a delightful few minutes of listening."

Demiola for basson and tape, (Centaur CD2363) :
"Bassoonists must wait a long time for opportunities such as this."-The NEW MUSIC CONNOISSEUR
"...would not be out of place on any chamber music concert." -SONNECK SOCIETY for American Music
(Bulletin, Volume XXV, no.2) 

Extensions for Percussion and Tape, (Centaur CD2363) (Music -SEAMUS, Vol. 5):
" excellent composition. Its rhythmic content, interplay between tape and performer, tape timbre and compositional style produce a challenging work for the performer and an enjoyable listen for the audience."- THE PERCUSSIONIST 
"..among a number of superb works presented...Karl Korte's Extensions for Solo Percussion and Tape was especially notable" -Journal SEAMUS (11/95) 

"..the two media seem to become as one. A strong ending to a fine CD...."-The NEW MUSIC CONNOISSEUR

Texarkana, Theme and Variations on a Texas Folksongfor wind ensemble:
An imaginative work full of Korte's always fascinating orchestration. Audiences and performers will respond with great enthusiasm. I urge you to consider Korte's Texarkana.- Jerry Junkin, University of Texas

Remembrances for Flute and Tape. (Nonesuch Records): 
"a compelling musical experience."- WASHINGTON POST 
"the substance of real musical matter."-AMERICAN RECORD REVIEW 
"virtually a classic of this genre."-MUSICAL AMERICA
"Korte's exploration of what the flute can do is haunting."-PHILADELPHIA BULLETIN

Symphony #3 (Louisville LCD 001):(Gold Medal, Queen Elizabeth International Competition)
"Mostly for the strength of the Korte Symphony this Louisville CD must not be missed....indespensible, a strong work constructed out of seemingly disparate influences: serial proceedures, jazz and some pop elements. There is plenty.... to reward rehearings." - FANFARE MAGAZINE

Symmetrics for Saxophone and Percussion. (CRI SD431):
"a captivating experience from the subtle beginning to the fiery conclusion."-NACAWPI Journal
"a meaningful exploration of the instrument's capacity."- St. Louis GLOBE

Matrix for woodwind quintet, piano and percussion (CRI SD249):
"a stunning piece."- STEREO REVIEW
"an unusually attractive contemporay excursion."- Los Angeles TIMES

Pale is this Good Prince (an oratorio):
"..highly elequent writing in a grateful idiom...emphatic and powerful." - Paul Hume, Washington POST 
Concertino for Solo Trombone, Winds & Percussion:
"This highly sophisticated composition comes from an equally distinguished composer...heartiest congratulations to those responsible...first-rate." - The INSTRUMENTALIST

String Quartet #2
"bold..the composer surrounds fragments of lyrical melody with lovely and fanciful effects."- New York TIMES   

Four Blake Songs (Songs of Innocence):
"Korte is an eclectic whose harmonic and rhythmic resources produce something quite fresh, new and personal. The Cycle is the finest new work for women's voices that I have seen in some time."- NOTES